Some notes on Windows Live Spaces

Spaces icon.gifWell nobody expected switching 120 million users over to Windows Live Spaces to go off without a hitch, did they? Things seem to have calmed down somewhat, leave a comment if you're still having problems. And now that Spaces seems to be a bit more usable, there's actually some good stuff to talk about.

On signing in:

Trevin the Live ID guy points out how easy it is to switch between Spaces, a very cool feature if you have more than one blog, or if you're sharing a computer. Once you click on "change or remove user",

"it signs the current user out and takes you directly to the Windows Live ID sign in page for the same site. This functionality, coupled with the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant for multi-user support makes switching between accounts extremely easy!"

If you use the Windows Live Toolbar, when you click on the Spaces icon, it takes you to the Windows Live ID sign in Assistant for multi user support (nice name, btw, Trevin – you've got a great future working at Microsoft with those names :P). A nice feature that makes it easier to manage more than one Spaces account.

A Mike Torres Hack:

Mike wrote a book about Spaces, which included a trick to allow sorting of your friends in your friends list. Now that Windows Live Spaces is out, he reprints the hack on his blog. Mike also explains why clicking on a list no longer opens a new window.

How to write a Gadget:

I was surprised to see so few Gadgets for Spaces at until I read that the Spaces button for the gadgets will be coming soon. Thomas J., who's writing some great stuff about Spaces – keep it up, please!, gets into the nuts and bolts of how to write a gadget. Good stuff.