Exclusive: Interview with J.J. Allaire, Architect for Windows Live Writer

Now that the word on Windows Live Writer is out, LiveSide has the exclusive interview with J.J. Allaire, the founder of Onfolio and Architect of the Writer team. You may remember that Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft back in March of this year. Since that time, J.J. and his team have been hard at work developing Windows Live Writer for Microsoft. In this interview, I talk with J.J. about the inspiration behind Windows Live Writer, their killer features for this release, and what we can expect from their team in the future. This is a really interesting one, make sure to give it a listen!

0:00 Introductions
0:21 Who are you and what do you do?
0:50 The History of Windows Live Writer.
1:15 What was the inspiration behind Writer?
2:35 What to expect from this release.
5:08 Image editing
6:08 Blog compatibility
8:14 Major features
10:44 Talking about the SDK
12:23 What's your killer feature?
13:09 Looking past this release (What's ahead for Writer.)
14:20 Wrap up (Where you can download Writer and where you can get more info.)

Total Length: 14 minutes and 56 seconds
File Size: 13.6 MB

LiveSide with J.J. Allaire

For more information on Windows Live Writer, visit their team blog: