Some more on Live Writer; Is Live Clipboard next?

Lots and lots of buzz around Windows Live Writer, the little app from the Onfolio team headed by JJ Allaire. This one feels a little different than the Windows Live offerings up until now – first because it comes from a newly acquired star that likes it at Microsoft:

So my vote is that Microsoft (and Windows Live) is a terrific place to be right now. I'm having a blast and relish the thought of being on a team of extremely talented people poised to do great things.

Everyone from Om Malik to Mike Arrington to Dave Winer and more have commented on Live Writer, funny but the only one who seems out of the loop is Robert Scoble, but hey he's been in Montana. Heck even Valleywag can't resist a remark or two. One of the most consistent threads running through the comments about Live Writer is that of it's promise, especially in regards to extensibility, or the ability for third parties to add functions to the app. Tim Heuer has already added Tag4Writer and Flickr4Writer, and Omar Shahine is right behind him with more. With the release of the SDK, and a new committment at Microsoft to opening up the Windows Live platform, people are beginning to take notice. And speaking of the Windows Live Writer SDK, Jeff points out the numerous references in the SDK to Ray Ozzie's Live Clipboard, which looks like it may be coming soon, along with more, according to Don Dodge:

Look for more cool Windows Live tools in the future. The Live teams are working on all kinds of interesting stuff that will launch over the coming months.