News Roundup: Video Search, Live Drive, Video Publishing

From around the web, today – first Brandon at MSTechToday points out the link to the new video search capabilities of Windows Live Search. You can try out these beta features at

There's also news about Live Drive coming from Tech-Ed in Auckland. Expect Live Drive to make an appearance soon. LiveSide readers have been telling us that interesting things are happening at, although nothing is up there yet. CNET reports that Microsoft Australia technical specialist John Hodgson says that "the basic Live Drive was likely to include around 2 gigabytes of storage for free", with additional storage capacity available for purchase. Also worthy of note is that "the new service can be mapped directly from PCs running …Vista", according to CNET. This is the first example of a Vista/Windows Live "works better together" scenario.

And finally, JJ Allaire sheds a little more light on the video publishing capabilities of Windows Live Writer. According to Allaire, "(t)here was now way we could properly support the diversity of current and future video hosting services with a feature baked directly into the product." So Windows Live Writer has exposed the necessary infrastructure to developers, who are free to build video player plugins using the Live Writer SDK.