Site feedback

One of our additions to the new site is "The List" – our way of trying to collect together in one place all the information we publish about the Windows Live services. Currently, if you click through any of the product names (eg Windows Live Spaces) you'll see a summary page about the service, links to the various team and individual blogs and be able to view all our posts about that product.

However while we're working on producing more of these summary pages, we'd like to hear from you about what other information you'd like to see included. Latest version or release date perhaps. Maybe links to interviews and other significant articles from across the web.

This goes for general feedback too; if there is something you want from the site that we aren't doing, let us know.

Update: Just changed over to Windows Live Alerts – so click on the icon in the sidebar to get LiveSide Alerts on Messenger, email, or mobile!