Windows Live News on a Tuesday night

While we're waiting to get a peek at Soapbox (well more than the dancing butterfly, anyway), here's some Windows Live news:

  • Danny Thorpe writes that the Windows Live Contacts Gadget is due for an update soon, one that's going to break existing apps that use the contacts control.  This one time change in the data connection that delivers the contacts data to the control UI is going to allow for a lot more functionality coming up, and will only require some URL changes to existing web apps that use the contacts control.  Read more about where the Live Contacts gadget beta is heading on Danny's blog.
  • JCXP points out that Windows Live OneCare is getting ready to beta test version 1.5.  You can sign up for the beta, which will include file cleaning options for infected files, better firewall configuration settings, and more backup restore options.
  • And is it time for a "change the name of" revoltDare points out that you can just as easily use  Can you say no-brainer?