Has “Live” gone out of fashion?

First it was Warhol becoming MSN Soapbox. Next up is Search Center, the latest program which surprisingly will be losing the "Live" prefix that is being given to nearly everything else coming out of Redmond this year. For now it is looking to be called Windows Search Preview, a name that is supported by a recent Newgroup post over at MSDN by a Microsoft employee.

In case you've forgotten the history of this product, here's a quick recap:

Now you see why the blog was named "Find My Stuff".

Back in July, the press release said that this product would be "coming soon" and as yet we are still to see an external beta program.  While we're waiting for Windows Search Preview, maybe someone can suggest that the naming team leave this product alone now and start looking at some of the products already out there – Windows Live Local seems to be a favorite.