Messenger blog suffers loss


Yes its true, Leah from the Messenger team, and of (almost) filmstar fame is leaving Microsoft today. We can't highlight every employee's departure, but we thought it was appropriate that Leah be given some recognition for the work she has done; with both the first Messenger blog, and as part of the team posting on the existing one.

Keep reading for the (in-development) exit interview.


While working on the Messenger team, what do you think your greatest achievement has been?

Over a year ago I started blogging about Messenger. A blog, big deal right?  But before then we had no good way of getting information to our customers quickly, or at all, sometimes. It turns out there are a ton of people who want to know more about Messenger than what we can put in our marketing campaigns. A lot of people seem to dig MessengerSays, and I dig those people.

What one thing would you have liked to done if you'd had the chance?

I interacted with a lot with customers, and always heard requests for the same two features:  Tabbed Conversation Windows, and Status By Groups. I could write a million great blog posts, but I’m convinced that building Status By Groups is the way to any Messenger user’s heart.

Also, I would’ve loved to get out of the country and go meet a lot more of the Messenger peeps around the world. But that just be for fun.  

More to come…