Live Mail gets update to M8

Today's Live Mail update features numerous UI and userability enhancements, but currently is only available to users on selected server bays. The update also includes:

  • “Send Email As” feature that allows users to send mail from other email addresses.
  • More contact viewing options
  • A contacts importer

Some of you may remember that the previous updates have not been the smoothest, so now they will be rolling out the new features to all users over several weeks.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so check out the update for yourself. As always, if you want to experience the update yourself, you can change the url of your Live Mail account to use bay 117 ( One thing I've noticed for free accounts is that the Flare header is slightly obscured due to the banner advertising, something you probably won't see in the PR or marketing pictures when Mail finally launches.

Screenshots (Click to enlarge):