Virtual Earth update next week

From the Virtual Earth (Mappoint) blog:

Please be advised that we will release a new version of the Virtual Earth Map Control on Tuesday, November 7th 2006.

Due to an upcoming marketing campaign surrounding this release we cannot elaborate on the exciting new features that will be in the release.  We will announce the features and details of this release on the launch date (November 7th).

We always like hearing the words "marketing campaign" as this imples they believe they have a product worth promoting, and therefore worth spending more money on. Though it is always open for interpretation about when a product is ready, the recent Live Search advertisement shows that Microsoft is getting it right so far for Windows Live.

Lets put this update up for discussion and find out what people would like to see in the update, and what they think might be coming from the Virtual Earth team. Brainstorming always produces some interesting and unexpected results!