MSN Music to shut down music downloads

In more MSN news, which-since-we-can’t-figure-out-if its-Windows Live-or-not-so-we’ll-just-go-ahead-and-report-on-it, MSN Music will stop selling downloads on the site on November 14, and will redirect sales to either the Zune Marketplace web site or to RealNetworks’ Rhapsody site, according to CNET.

“After November 14, the ‘Buy’ buttons that you’re used to seeing on MSN Music album and artist pages will change to links that connect you to Zune and to Real Rhapsody,” MSN Entertainment general manager Rob Bennett said in an e-mail to MSN Music customers.

Of course the November 14 date is the date of Zune’s launch.  With Urge and Zune being pushed by Microsoft, as well as Rhapsody (pretty much by court order), it looks like MSN Music is odd man out.