LiveSide adds OPML Lists

We've created a set of lists of some of the blogs we follow here at LiveSide, something we had on the old site and just haven't had the time to update.

This time, though, you can visit the blog, subscribe in either RSS or in, or subscribe to the whole OPML list.

Visit the OPML Lists Here:

Our Favorites

LiveSide MSFT Bloggers

Windows Live Product Team Blogs

or check them out on our Stay Informed sidebar.

Did we miss one of your favorites?  Having a problem with a blog link? Spot a mistake? Send us comments and suggestions to [email protected]

Update: hmm still working on the opml subscription – should be working soon
Update #2: Ok it's working, but the opml and the list aren't 100% the same – yet! It's a work in progress, ok?