QnA adds and improves; Local turns Japanese; a note on VE 3d

Word is out from Betsy about some new features over at Windows Live QnA, including a new browse page for tags, a new question page interface, the initiation of a content rating system, an email a question to a friend feature, and some improvements to the interface with Live Search.  Check out the post on the Live QnA team blog.

Local.live.com has some 2D news as well as the big news in 3D, a localized Japanese version of the site.  According to the Virtual Earth blog:

Features include:

  • Road, aerial and hybrid maps, with high-res aerial coverage for most major metro areas
  • Yellow page based local search
  • Full support for collections
  • Locally developed street address geocoder with rooftop accuracy for about 30 million Japanese addresses

To get the localized language, go to http://local.live.com/?mkt=ja-jp.  (You can get back to English by changing the market back: http://local.live.com/?mkt=en-us).

And while our esteemed LiveSide colleagues introduce you to the finer points of map controls and hosting VE on a Sharepoint Server, I've been having fun just zooming around in VE 3d.  For a camping enthusiast like me, it's as much fun to check out Mt. St. Helens in 3d as it is to cruise downtown Detroit.  Remember that even though only 15 cities are currently represented in 3d, the whole Virtual Earth is a 3d Spaceland! Enjoy!