Ode to Long Zheng

A while ago, we were berated by some kid from Australia smile_tongue about our site design, and though it stung we knew it to be true.  This weekend, our resident Community Server guru Nick Brown got to work – upgrading Community Server to version 2.1 and making the site changes you see today.  He added Windows Live Search to our searchbar, fixed the OPML list (including mini tabs – woohoo) and with a few changes to protect both Microsoft and ourselves, followed Long’s design example and upgraded our site design.

Thanks go out to Long Zheng, to Nick Brown (who added the “designed by LongZheng” logo at the bottom of the page but much of the credit goes to him as well), to Community Server, and to all of you, our readers.  We’d love to hear your comments, and we’ve got a few more changes in the planning phase – so keep coming back to LiveSide!

Note: You may need to hit Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache and reset the page to get the full effects of LiveSide 2.1.  Enjoy!