Live Search Marketing Kicks into Gear

It’s no secret that Microsoft got a late jump on Google in search.  More people use Google to look for information on the internet than any other search engine.  Microsoft is  hoping to steal some of Google’s thunder by converting users over to its own Live Search.  The main factor preventing Windows Live from catching on is awareness.  A lot of the general public has no idea that Windows Live Search even exists. 

Well, Microsoft is looking to make consumers aware of Live Search by taking out full page newspaper ads and sponsoring TV shows.  The idea behind the new marketing push is that if they sponsor shows on networks like mtvU and England’s Channel 4, then Live Search might make its way into the mainstream.  Although it might be more expensive, I think that it would be well worth it for Microsoft to take out ads for Windows Live during some more lucrative time slots for ads (the Super Bowl is right around the corner!).  Microsoft has money and they have proven that they are willing to spend it in order for their products to dominate the market.  Microsoft has taken huge losses on Xbox in order to make themselves a major industry player and now they are.  Just throw a little bit of that towards Windows Live and we will be much better off in the long run.  Regardless of my mini-rant on the targeting of Live Search sponsorship, here are the details of the new programs:

mtvU Quad Squads: “Traditional college rivals settle their differences in the business arena on mtvU’s Quad Squads. A new product needs a plan, and two teams of four marketing students give their best pitch. The winners get prizes, professional cred and, of course, glory for their school.”  The winner, gets a shot at a Microsoft internship.

Channel 4 Codex: This show looks like a pretty cool concept.  It’s an interactive TV show that lets viewers at home crack codes and delve deep into historical knowledge along with those on the show.

All things aside, it is good to see that the Microsoft marketing machine is firing up for Live Search and that they are making a conscious effort to be a major player in the search world.

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