Live Mail to delete new @Live addresses?

In the Hotmail and Live Mail support blog today, it was hinted that the @Live accounts created with the javascript hack posted here on LiveSide (no longer working), on the Mail Support blog itself (in a comment) and on and elsewhere may not survive long:

Because I don’t want to get into the business of censoring comments, I did not delete the instructions for creating an account. accounts are not legitimately available anywhere except in the Netherlands, where we released Windows Live Mail (without the Beta) last week. If you created an account using the instructions below, it’s quite likely the account will get blown away.

While it remains to be seen whether any action is taken against these newly created accounts (and for the record no action has been taken – so far – on accounts created from an earlier leak of a workaround to the @live address creation process), it’s beyond us here at LiveSide why any such action would occur.

Windows Live fans (and at this point there are far too few of them), the ones who follow sites like LiveSide, should be rewarded for their enthusiasm, not punished.  If anything, Windows Live and Live Mail might want to review their security procedures, and take their lumps for what was at best a sloppy release.  If the addresses are revoked, it might well turn out to be a public relations nightmare, and anger Windows Live’s biggest fans.  Classic case of two wrongs not making a right, if it were to happen.

Update: Kevin Briody from the Windows Live Marketing team confirmed this would not be happening – @Live addresses are safe.