@Live addresses are safe (whew)

In case you missed it in the comments, Kevin Briody from Windows Live took the time to assure our readers that @live accounts, no matter how they were obtained, will not be deleted after all:

Hi all-

We just wanted to update LiveSide’s readers – We will NOT be revoking @live.com email addresses recently obtained by many of you. We love all the enthusiasm for Windows Live, and certainly don’t want to stamp down on it in any way.  We will however keep an eye out to make sure that accounts are not abused (for instance, if obtained by obvious spammers).

I’ll watch this comment thread in case you have any questions!

Kevin Briody

Windows Live Team

Kevin Briody
Community Marketing | Windows Live & MSN

So as long as you behave yourselves, it looks like that cool new address you worked so hard for is safe.  Thanks Kevin for responding so quickly, and for doing the right thing.  Now how about getting the real @live program rolling? smile_wink