Sprint teams up with Windows Live for Mobile Search

Tonight marks an important milestone for Windows Live Search.  Microsoft just announced that they have inked their first mobile search deal, with wireless carrier Sprint.  From here forward, Sprint will be offering Windows Live Search capabilities on their mobile devices. 

The Live Search for Sprint phones will offer search of the entire web and a customized local search.  Based on the zip code which you enter, mobile search will go out and pull down relevant results to your search term, in your area.  At the moment, you must enter your zip code in order to get the relevant local results, but an automatic locator may be added in future versions.  Of course, this service provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach highly targeted local audiences.  Windows Live Search for mobile will also include features such as maps and directions.

The new service will be available immediately and at no extra cost to Sprint PCS Vision and Sprint Power Vision subscribers on data enabled phones.  Along with the improvements to regular consumer service, the business customers will, “benefit significantly from the ease and enhanced functionality of Windows Mobile 5,” according to Susan Nelson, vice president of strategic alliances for Sprint.  Although, it is not clear at the moment what this enhanced functionality for Windows Mobile 5 will be, we will be on the lookout for that.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, this partnership is a big step forward for Windows Live Search.

Microsoft’s Press Release