Windows Live Mobile launches SMS Search Beta

WLMobile icon.gifJust a few days after announcing a major partnership between Windows Live Mobile and Sprint, the Windows Live Mobile team have launched a new SMS search service that provides Cingular, Verizon, Sprint Nextel and Alltel subscribers SMS access to Windows Live Search results. (US only curently)

  1. Send a SMS to 95483 (WLIVE) on your phone
  2. To find a local business – Type in “salon rae seattle wa”
  3. For Instant Answers – Start all your queries with a ? question mark –  eg “? mothers day”
  4. Word Definitions – use ‘D’ instead of ‘?’ ” – eg D transverse”

Other search functions include reverse phone number lookup, stock quotes, area and country telephone codes, holiday dates, and solutions to maths calculations. Full instructions on how to use this service are available on the team blog or you can visit the new Mobile Search homepage for full details of all the services available.

The mobile team is doing some great stuff, so hopefully this goes international soon. No more having to remember the details of local search results, plus you can forward them on if meeting up with others. No excuses for being late now!