Windows Live advertising starts in the UK – Search marketing sucks?

Today saw the first major Windows Live advertising here in the UK, with a 4 page front-cover for the “Metro”, a free London paper aimed at commuters. Much like the previous ads in American newspapers, they focused on Windows Live Search, including both Image Search and VirtualEarth.

Pictures (Click to enlarge)

Ironically this comes a day after the latest report showing a decline in MSN/Windows Live’s share of the US search marketBrandon LeBlanc had a few choice words to say about the stats:

“It seems like the marketing folks under Windows Live have relied on community members to explain Windows Live for them. Well, I think its time for them to step up. No more of this “waiting for more services to leave beta” bullsh*t. You’ve got plenty of services out of beta – its time to explain Windows Live now if you don’t want to see any more percentage drops in your services.”

Unsurprisingly, nobody from Windows Live marketing has commented on Brandon’s thoughts or our original post. If anybody wants to start the ball rolling I’m sure you’ll find more than a few people willing to engage with. 

Thanks to Mike P and BV2312 for the pictures, and to all our users who sent us this tip ([email protected]).