Windows Vista Countdown gadget

Windows Vista Countdown GadgetThis is a re-print of a post that I did on my blog. I thought I’d post it here in case you missed it. Look for my companion article in the next few days about how to write one gadget that runs on Sidebar and – Donavon

Windows Vista is almost here! (January 30, 2007 to be exact.) Help celebrate the arrival date of the most anticipated OS release in history with the Windows Vista Countdown gadget.

The gadget can go on your Windows Vista Sidebar, on your web page and your Windows Live Space! Put it on one or all of these spots to display your excitement.

It’s easy to get. Just click on the individual links below to install the gadget.

Windows Vista Countdown shown on

learn more Add to

Add the Windows Vista Countdown web gadget to your homepage.

Windows Vista Countdown shown on Windows Live Spaces

learn more Add to Spaces

Do you have a Windows Live Space? Add the Windows Vista Countdown Gadget to your page. It is designed to fit perfectly in the narrower left and/or right hand columns of a Windows Live Space.

Windows Vista Countdown shown on Windows Vista Sidebar

learn more Add to Sidebar

If you are already running Windows Vista, you can add the Windows Vista Countdown Gadget to your Windows Sidebar. You’ll know, with just a quick glance, how long until Windows Vista is released!

Sidebar Installation Instructions:

  1. Click “Add to Sidebar” above to start the download
  2. Save to your local hard drive.
  3. After the file is downloaded, double-click the file to install onto the Sidebar.

*** UPDATE ***

Windows Vista Countdown gadget running on Google As much as Microsoft doesn’t like to admit it, people do use Google from time to time.  Not only can you add the Windows Vista Countdown gadget to, Spaces, Sidebar and your own web page (via a code snippet), but now you can also add it to your Google home page.

Ahh… The miracle of modern technology!