Gadget Gallery: Please support unified gadgets

Today I submitted another gadget to Microsoft’s gadget gallery that works on both Sidebar AND Its a sample digital clock gadget to accompany an upcoming article that I’m writing titled “Gadgets: Write Once, Run Everywhere“; an article that shows you how to develop a web gadget that will run on Windows Vista Sidebar without modification to the JavaScript or CSS. Currently the gallery is setup in such a way that I had to make 2 separate submissions, both with have identical information. I had to do the same thing with the Windows Vista Countdown gadget.

I may be ahead of the curve here, but as more and more gadgets are written to support both Sidebar and web, I think it would make sense to allow a unified gadget entry. When a user views this unified gadget entry, there would be 3 buttons: “Add to Spaces”, “Add to”, “Download” (which should be renamed “Add to Sidebar”, but that’s a separate issue).

Just a thought.

Edit: The gadget is now available: Windows Vista Sidebar, still to come.