Expo gets an update, adds Facebook sharing and more international support

The Windows Live Expo team just rolled out an update earlier today.  Here are the details, via the Team Blog:

  • Public availability in the UK and China!  Welcome to social classifieds, guys!
  • Upgrades to the “Communities” feature (formerly known as Email groups)
  • Streamlined account sign-up
  • Upgrade to the newest Virtual Earth map viewer – check out the new 3D maps feature by clicking on the “View map” button!
  • Image enhanced preview, so you can start scoping people’s profile photos
  • Sharing on Facebook, so you can share your listings with your Facebook buddies
  • A much needed refresh of the homepage including the slick ‘Vapor’ theme
  • Tonnes of bugfixes and backend improvements

As some of you may remember, I complained about the lack of Flair/Vapor on the Expo site in my interview with Kurt Weber from the Expo Team.  Thanks for rolling that out guys.  It really makes the service fit in even more with the Windows Live suite.  This is definitely a feature packed release and at least Chris will be happy about the UK release.

New Release of Expo! (Team Expo Blog)
Windows Live Expo