Windows Live WiFi Center Beta 4 released

Mike Miles of the WiFi Team announces on the Un-Wired blog that the latest beta release of WiFi Center, the WiFi connection and security manager, is up on Connect.

Improvements to the beta include (from the blog entry):

  • Support for Vista (whew, just in time… Vista will be publically available in January)
  • Performance improvements
    • Reduced the amount of time it takes to first load the application
    • Reduced CPU usage
  • Quality Improvements. 
    • Ability to install on non EN-US operating systems.
    • Several Connectivity and Managing Network issues resolved.
    • Resolved some timer issues and fixed the Last Connected Time in Connection History.
    • No more Splash screen.  Since the load time is faster it was no longer necessary.

Read more about WiFi Center on their blog, you can request access into the beta here: [email protected].  To try out HotSpot Locator, just go to