Where are they now? Windows Live Sidebar and Live.com TV Gadget

At the beginning of year one of the most interesting gadgets talked about was that of the “What’s on TV” gadget for Live.com. Providing local TV listings and links to show and episode information, this gadget allows Media Center PC users with a TV tuner card and MSN Remote Record installed to schedule a recording direct from Live.com. No sign of this yet beyond the screenshots below (click to enlarge).

Then there is still the mystery surrounding Windows Live Sidebar, a product name residing in the code that runs live.com gadgets (Demo gadget – See browser titlebar). A reference to sidebar can also be seen in the first screenshot above, suggesting that it is a browser based, though whether this project still exists is another matter.

The recent reorg has certainly shaken things up, and made it harder for those who follow Windows Live. The public silence about it just makes us more curious as to what is actually happening internally. Did I mention you can send us anonymous tips? ;-)