Windows Live Custom Domains gets update

Windows Live Custom Domains has just been updated, adding in several new features. From the team blog:

  • All top level domains (TLDs) are now supported
  • You can now register subdomains along with domains, or domains and subdomains on their own, however you choose
  • HTML code preview for Open Membership signup
  • You can pay to have Windows Live Custom Domains configured for your domain – USA only and limited to specific partners for the time being
  • Addition of online communities to help with support
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The pay-for-configuration is an interesting development, allowing non-geeky users to use one of the most undervalued Windows Live services. Yes Custom Domains works with Windows Live Mail Desktop, and Messenger and everything else from Windows Live. So if you haven’t got an address yet, perhaps now is the time to be creative?

PS: There is a neat Custom Domains manager from Expect an updated version to take advantage of the new features soon!