Latest release of Virtual Earth sports new features

Hey Berkowitz try selling this stuff instead of bashing it, it rocks.

The Windows Live Local blog announced a new minor point release that packs in lots of new features.  First, the Birds Eye navigation control has been replaced, the thumbnail grid is out and a very cool new draggable inset map is in.  Much easier and much more intuitive.

Another very useful new feature: the drawing tools now report distance as you draw in a tooltip, and when you’re done drawing, the distance appears on the scratchpad.  Use this with in a Collection, and catalog bike trips, jogging runs or favorite drives.

In addition to the distance feature, drawing on a map will now auto-scroll in the direction you are drawing if you come to the edge of the view, and you can extend previously drawn routes.

Lots more on the VE Team Spaces blog, with promises of more info on the new drawing tools soon.

Very cool stuff guys keep up the good work!