Windows Live email addresses – Part 3

19/12 Update: This has stopped working now.


Looks like Christmas has come early for those Windows Live users who haven’t got an email address yet. PicturePan2, the “unofficial LiveSide correspondent for China” has just posted a new way to register the Windows Live email address of your choice, provided you have Firefox or Opera installed. (You can use the nifty portable Firefox if you don’t wish to install another browser.)

  1. Visit
  2. Choose “Get Started” then type in a domain of your choice eg “”, and press “Continue”
  3. Choose “Create a new Windows Live ID in your domain” then press “Continue”
  4. In Firefox, go to “View – Page Style – No style”
  5. Now select the domain from the drop down menu
  6. Important: To be able to receive emails to this account, you must login to with your new email address to activate it

Pictures can be found over at source.

Update: Read the comments if you want help on how to get localised Windows Live email addresses eg

Note1: This could stop working at any time and most likely will do.
Note2: As was stated after the last hack, you risk losing your email address if you abuse the signup for spam purposes. However it was confirmed that regular users are safe.