Windows Live Search “Dead”? Not yet.

It seems as though the headlines for the monthly search engine reports are getting worse and worse for Windows Live. Last week had the Guardian technology blog proclaim Windows Live Search could be renamed Dead Search . While nobody would say that Windows Live Search is doing well, the Neilson/Netrating stats for November show yet another drop (PDF), there are signs of an improvement.

In Hong King for example, Windows Live Search has seen a doubling in search share in the last year, up from 5% in January to 12% in November*, suggesting that in some regions Live Search is doing well. It’s a ray of hope, and one which will hopefully reflect a larger trend in 2007.

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*Note: We were unable to locate the raw HitWise HK stats, just a summary reference in the post “Google search share closing in on Yahoo” – December 19th 2006 (registration required)