Windows Live Mail Plus to offer 4GB storage

As more Windows Live services launch out of beta in the next few months, one of the unanswered questions still remains around premium subscribers. Some good news for Hotmail Plus users comes in the form of Windows Live Mail Plus, which is currently only marketed in Holland.


  • 4GB inboxes from Spring 2007 *New*
  • Attachments upto 20MB
  • No advertisements (across several Windows Live services, including Mail, Mail desktop and Spaces)
  • Microsoft Outlook access
  • No disabling of your account due to inactivity
  • Yearly cost remains at €19.99, expected £14.99 and $19.99 when launched in other regions

While the addition of 4GB storage may seem like overkill for email, Gmail is currently on ~2.8GB, it makes more sense if you can share it between services. While Live Drive is not yet released, this would seem like an appropriate place for it to integrate with Windows Live.