Windows Live @ CES

As lots of technology bloggers are going to CES, we thought we’d level the playing field a bit for those who aren’t. With journalists from the big press organisations in attendance, CES provides the perfect opportunity for Windows Live to raise brand awareness by securing column inches for upcoming products. Here are the ones we’ve heard they’ll be seeing, with releases coming soon:

  • OneCare 1.5
  • Messenger 8.1
  • Mail & Mail Desktop
  • Soapbox
  • Mobile Messenger “G2” client

Windows Live Search also has a presence at the exhibition (they are offering free swag if you visit their booth), unfortunately as Mary Jo Foley posted recently, Live Drive appears to be staying out of sight for the time being.

So what about some new stuff? At CES 2006 Harrison picked up the chatter on Microsoft Gadget integration with Spaces and this time around the Spaces team has set up a CES Space. We’ll have to wait and see whether Bill demoes anything from Windows Live; Soapbox and G2 are the most likely, though ex-Live product Windows Search 4 is no stranger to exec demos.

You can watch the keynote through the Microsoft CES site.