Windows Live to play a role in Windows Home Server?

Bill Gates announced a new product named Windows Home Server at his CES keynote tonight.  The concept is that you can store all of the data throughout your house on your own personal server, accessible from anywhere in the world.  Well, as it turns out, it looks like Windows Live will play a role in the sharing of this data.

I had picked up on this via the revamped version of Microsoft’s Digital Amnesia site earlier, but now that Brandon LeBlanc has already jumped on the story, I figured that I needed to get going!  As Brandon noted, the Home Server Fact Sheet stated you will have a “Personalized Internet address from Windows Live™ with no monthly service fees.”  Alright, well that’s definitely interesting.  Stop Digital Amnesia also adds “Even give restricted access to your friends and family through your free, customizable Windows Live website.”  The latter statement definitely implies that this may be more than a simple interface for pulling down your files on any computer.  It may very well end up being a rich experience, complete with customizable options to make it easier to access your most important information and content….or maybe I’m just wishing.  Either way, Windows Live will play some part in it.  I am going to follow up on it, see what I can dig up, and let you all know about what could shape up to be a very exciting development for Windows Live.

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