Windows Live Spaces and Videos, finally together

Last night the Windows Live Spaces team blog announced that they had released a new version of Spaces (link). According to the post there are a few backend changes, but the main change is something that people have been waiting for for a long: Embedding Videos. That’s right folks, you can now embed your favourite videos into your Live Space blog post, as long as the video supplier uses a flash based player.

So how do you add a video then? Well you need to get the embed html code from the video website, most have it in an easy to find box on the video page, then go to your Live Space and add a new blog entry, you will now see an extra option at the bottom of the page:
Click on the Embed videos link and paste your embed code in the given space and you’re done.

The other main change is you can now subscribe to someone’s blog with Windows Live Alerts:

Coming back to the video embedding, don’t forget you can also use Windows Live Writer to post your blog entries, complete with video. Speaking for myself though, I have tried using my video plugin to embed the video and at the moment it still puts in screenshot rather than the embed code. I will be working this one out with the Spaces team and/or Live Writer team so expect a new release of that soon.