Yahoo! gets into the Gadget game

Gadgets, one of my favorite Vista features, allow you to customize your Sidebar and desktop with anything from search boxes to a variety of system tools and games.  Microsoft Gadgets, much like Apple’s Dashboard widgets, can be developed by anyone, thus allowing for a wide range of customization.

Let the games begin. Now, Yahoo! has officially released their sleek “Yahoo! Search Gadget” for Windows Vista.  They employed the help of interface design company The Skins Factory to develop it for them. 

That being said, where is the official Live Search Gadget?  Yahoo! has you guys beat on your own technology right now and they look good doing it!  I was sure that an official one would have been available for the launch, so I’m hoping that it’s not far behind.  Maybe our own Donavon West wants to take a good crack at it, especially after the success of his Vista Countdown Gadget (which was, by the way, featured in Bill Gates’ CES keynote). 

I think that it’s going to be very interesting to see what different people, websites, and companies do with the Gadget platform over the next few years since it has some incredible potential.  Let’s hope this is only the beginning.

Download the Gadget here