Windows Live Mail? No? How about Windows Live Hotmail….?

Ok, so this whole Windows Live rebranding thing has been pretty messy at times, services renamed, sometimes many times (Live Maps anyone?) and today sees this trend continue. So first off we had Hotmail, then Kahuna (this was the codename), then Windows Live Mail, and now, according to Richard Sim on the Live [Hot]mail team blog it is going to be known as Windows Live Hotmail.

In the blog post, he doesn’t really give out too much previously unknown information, but he does hint that Live Hotmail will be coming soon:

“As we prepare to launch the final version of our new web mail service, we recognize the importance of ensuring that our 260+ million existing customers come over to the new service smoothly and without confusion. By adopting the name “Windows Live Hotmail”, we believe we’re bringing together the best of both worlds – new and old. We’re able to offer the great new technology that Windows Live has to offer while also bringing the emotional connection many existing and loyal users have with Hotmail.”

So the old Hotmail users won’t be confused, but what about Windows Live enthusiasts? All I can say is, meh, we’re all used to it by now smile_wink.