A trio of posts on Windows Live Search for Mobile

With the release of Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Live Search for Mobile, announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona last week, comes a hint of what may be a changing landscape in search in the coming months and beyond.  Windows Mobile has been doing very well of late, and is aggressively moving ahead in the market.  Windows Live Search for Mobile has a chance to make real inroads into the search business, as the market for mobile search, a potentially lucrative one that has barely been tapped, begins to grow.  Michael Coates, “Microsoft Pragmatic Evangelist”, has posted an interesting and entertaining look at Live Search for Mobile on his blog, the OpsanBlog.

In three posts, he asks if you’ve been loving Windows Live Search for Mobile, offers more, and then delves into directions and traffic reports.  They’re interesting reads, with lots of good screenshots to show how Live Search for Mobile works.