Woohoo! Microsoft gains share in search, says Bear Stearns

According to an article in MarketWatch, from Dow Jones, Microsoft posted a slight gain in its share of the Internet search market, posting 10.6% share in January, up from 10.5% in December.  The article, quoting analyst Bob Peck of Bear Stearns, also notes that while Google gained 2/10ths of a percent to 47.5%, Yahoo lost 4/10ths to 28.1%.  Peck also noted that the overall growth in the search market slowed during the period.

Quoting MarketWatch:

“Search remains a priority for Microsoft, however. At an analyst event last week Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said the company would continue to invest heavily in its online services including search. In the company’s fiscal 2008, that investment will make up a substantial portion of operating expenses anticipated grow slightly less than $2.7 billion from the previous year.”

(via BetaNews.com)