The future of Windows Live Mail desktop

There hasn’t been much news on Windows Live Mail desktop since 2006, with a minor update being released in February. With most Windows Live watchers expecting a v1 release at the beginning of the year, many are wondering what is happening to the product. Dare Obasanjo even joked at a rename to Outlook Express Live.

It seems to be that Microsoft is rethinking its mail client strategy, with the belief that two distinct free mail clients for Windows Vista (Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail desktop) is not the way to move forward. Instead, Mail desktop will evolve to become an enhanced Windows Mail client, which when installed will replace Vista’s Windows Mail. For those familiar with Mail desktop there will not be a huge change however for those using Windows Mail they will benefit from the integration of Live services.

While the name and details of the new product are unconfirmed, hopefully we should soon see a beta of Windows Live Mail for Vista.