“Live In A Box” – A Way To Learn Live SDKs

The Windows Dev blog posted last week about a new project that has appeared on CodePlex called “Live In A Box“. First thing to note about this project is that although it’s been made by people who work at Microsoft, it’s not actually an official offering from the software company. So, what exactly is this project about? Well basically it’s a way to learn some of the different Live API offerings, quickly showing you pre-existing code and allowing you to modify it and get to learn what exactly is going on.

The project itself is an ongoing project and is continually being built upon and new things added; currently it shows you an example of the following:

  • Search Application (using the Live Search SDK) 
  • Map Application (using the Virtual Earth SDK)
  • Messenger Activity
  • Web Gadgets (live.com/Spaces)
  • Windows Live Contacts Control
  • WPF/e

The project itself is a good place to start off if you’re thinking of doing something using any of the above mentioned technologies as it gives you a basis that you can improve upon and get to grips with some of the Windows Live platforms.

Notes: The installer requires you to have IIS installed, if you don’t, the Live In A Box files won’t be installed; If you’re using Vista, please make sure you read the instructions on the project page on CodePlex otherwise the installer won’t install.