Comcast unhappy with Google, may use MS Search?

According to an article appearing today in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required, free preview here), Comcast Corp. is unhappy with their relationship with Google Inc., and is in negotiations with Microsoft to perhaps switch services:

Comcast Corp. is negotiating to use Microsoft Corp.’s Internet search services on its broadband portal, a sign the cable titan isn’t happy about its current search deal with Google Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

Comcast, the country’s largest cable operator, also has been talking to Google about extending their relationship. Currently, Google provides search results when users of the portal enter queries into the search box on the site. But Comcast thinks it should get a larger share of the revenue generated by the arrangement.

While by no means a done deal, this kind of aggressive strategy by Microsoft in undercutting Google’s price (John Battelle reports the Comcast asking price is $100 million), is an indication that Microsoft is serious about search.