Windows Live Hotmail M10 begins rollout

Thanks to Brandon for pointing to the Windows Live Hotmail team’s Spaces blog, announcing the upcoming rollout of M10 (milestone 10) of the Windows Live Hotmail (formerly Windows Live Mail, formerly Kahuna) beta.  According to the blog entry:

You can expect to see the following updates/fixes/changes in M10:

  • Windows Live Hotmail branding.
  • Faster & More Reliable.
  • Classic Version enhancements such as Spell Check, improved Photo Upload Control, and Bi-directional language support.
  • Improved Safety Bar.
  • Version Picker (choose “Classic” or “Full”).
  • More “forgiving” checkboxes.

The Hotmail Team rolls out Milestone updates in waves by server bays instead of all at once. So if you’ve not been updated, give it some time. You’ll know you’re updated once you see the “Windows Live Hotmail” branding in the header.

A quick check of my Windows Live Mail account shows I’m not upgraded yet, on bay 117.  Anyone spot the new Windows Live Hotmail?  What bay are you on?