LiveSide in Chinese! – Announcing

We have been working with our “LiveSide representative to China”, Picturepan2, and he and his team are pleased to announce our collaboration project,

Our friends in China will translate LiveSide stories into Chinese, as well as commenting on Microsoft and Windows Live in China, and bringing us news about Windows Live coming out of China as Microsoft continues to expand its presence there.

While this is not a business relationship – is an independent project of Picturepan2 and his team – we are pleased to help them out as we can, increase our presence in China (we already receive a good portion of our traffic from China, according to Google Analytics), and to expand our horizons a bit.


        我们已经和” LiveSide中国代表” Picturepan2携手努力。Picturepan2和他的团队很高兴宣布我们的合作项目LiveSino.net正式上线。
        我们来自中国的朋友将会把LiveSide的资讯翻译成中文,同样也评论中国微软和Windows Live,并带给我们关于将在中国发布的Windows Live服务和微软在中国继续扩大影响的资讯。
        因此这不是一个商业合作。LiveSino是一个独立的由Picturepan2 和他团队负责的项目。我们也很乐意尽我们所能帮助LiveSino团队,提升我们在中国的形象( 我们已经在中国获得了相当可观的流量,根据Google Analytics统计 ),同时也能够拓宽我们的眼界。