1 in 3

What is 1 in 3? Your odds of winning a one of 10 Zunes or 3 trips to Las Vegas in the Remix MIX contest. Right now there are about 35 entries in the Remix MIX Gallery. Of those, 5 are ineligible as they were posted by judges and/or employees. So, even if you have only heard the word CSS and can only draw stick men, you have a good shot a winning (taking nothing away from the great entries already submitted of course). Your odds go up dramatically if you have talent. 🙂

Here are a few examples of remixes that I’ve done (I didn’t want to show favoritism by showing other’s remixes).

Boooooring Remix     pure|simple Remix     Spot On Remix

I’m judging the competition and would like to hear what hear from you as to what your favorites are. It probably won’t sway my decision, but it can’t hurt. Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite from the Remix MIX Gallery, along with why you think it should win.

And good luck if you decide to enter a remix of your own. You’ll need to hurry though, as you last chance to submit a remix is midnight PDT on April 10th!

*** UPDATE ***

There was a snafu that resulted in the submission form shutting down 24 hours too early; midnight April 10th instead of 11:59pm April 10th as the legal page described. This caused quite a bit of panic with the last minute remixxers. I’m happy to announce that Beth at Microsoft has corrected the situation and submissions have been re-opened.

*** UPDATE 2 ***

In an 11th hour surge, over 30 remixes were submitted. Now that your work is done, the judges work is just beginning. We must sort through the plethora of remixes to find the 3 gems along with 10 “runners up”. I have a few in mind but have by no means finalized my list.

The names of all of the judges were released yesterday. They include Ryan Freitas, Ryan Stewart, Forest Key, Adam Kinney and myself. You can red more about the judges, including their bios, on the Mix blog at http://www.visitmix.com/Blogs/News/remix-contest-ends-tonight-meet-the-judges/
And the winners are… http://www.visitmix.com/Blogs/News/and-the-winner-is/