Spaces survey hints at key areas for development

With user feedback being a key driving force behind Windows Live, the Windows Live Spaces survey currently linked from the Spaces homepage gives a possible insight into areas the Spaces team may be looking to develop.

Unsurprisingly a key theme throughout the survey is social networking, in particular around extending social networks to sub-communities of friends, with “tools that would facilitate sharing “. With a Windows Live update for MSN Groups still to appear, this would seem like a logical area to update and expand upon.

Another question that caught my eye was the mention of Spaces “hosting information on social events in the real world”, something which has been rumoured previously in the form of events integration in Windows Live Calendar. It’s acknowledged that Microsoft is sometimes a follower and not a leader, and in this case it sounds like they have noticed the success of Facebook & Co.

Finally there are numerous references to sharing photos and digital memories. This is definitely an area that Spaces has needed to improve since v1, in particular the almost unbearable downgrading of image quality and size. Until this is sorted, its difficult to see how Spaces can make any headway against the other social networking/image hosting sites out there.

Any other key areas touched upon in the survey that I missed, or you feel should have been included for user feedback?