Live Maps lament, and a screencast (and more)

Microsoft Developer Evangelist Peter Laudati wrote last week that Virtual Earth (Live Maps) has been virtually ignored, while the blogging bubble went ga ga over Google’s myMaps feature.  Robert Scoble retorted that Live Maps Collections, while cool, is too hard to use, and now Laudati has posted a screencast on how to use Collections, and found some more to boot.

With the recent renaming of Windows Presentation Foundation/everywhere (WPF/e) to a cool sounding (for Microsoft) Silverlight, and the name pruning of some of the Live services (Live Maps, Live QnA, Live Search, and, maybe we’re seeing the end of the Windows Live naming fiasco.  In his original post, Laudati says:

“In general, I’ve always thought that marketing was an unnecessary thing and that most good products sell themselves without marketing.  However, I’m not a believer in that mantra anymore.  This is clearly a case where poor marketing has led to a great service being virtually ignored.  And that sucks, because I think Virtual Ea– uh, Live Maps is truly the BEST mapping service out there!”