Windows Live Hotmail rolls out: our interview with Omar Shahine and Ellie Powers-Boyle

Windows Live Hotmail, a completely rebuilt web based mail client set to replace MSN Hotmail, started its rollout to selected markets this week.  This morning, I talked on the phone with two members of the Windows Live Hotmail team from their offices in Mountain View, California.  Omar Shahine and Ellie Powers-Boyle have been working on “Kahuna” since 2004, and we talked about the code base, the beta, performance, and more.

Omar and Ellie introduce themselves 00:00
Hotmail signup has a new code base, too 01:45
Initial reports on the first stages of the rollout 03:08
What the user will see and what they won’t see but will notice 04:19
Balancing performance and features 08:55
A new code base positions WL Hotmail to compete 12:50
Ellie talks about a unique beta 16:49
Windows Live Calendar and accounts: I had to ask 23:27

Download and listen to the 10mb .mp3