(Hot)mail coming to Live.com again soon?

Live.com has offered, among many others, a gadget to put your Windows Live Mail on a Live.com page.  Problem is that the gadget hasn’t worked for quite some time, and now we have an explanation, and a reason for hope that it will again.

According to the Live.com blog:

“The gadget was pulled due to a security issue, which we initially believed could be fixed in a relatively quick fashion. We take security very seriously, and once we became aware of the issue, disabling this gadget was the best way to protect our users.

As our developers worked with the Hotmail developers to see how we could restore the gadget’s functionality (while ensuring your data was secure), it became evident that the task was originally much larger than anyone anticipated. The gadget had to be rewritten to “talk” to Hotmail in an entirely new way, and the Hotmail team needed to add new functionality on their end as well. The time needed to design, implement, and test this new functionality is the reason that the gadget has been broken for so long.”

While no definite date for the return of the gadget is forthcoming (bad luck, indeed!), the Live.com developers “have entered the home stretch”, and, although you will have to upgrade to Windows Live Hotmail (the beta will work, apparently) from a Hotmail account to use the gadget, you should be able to soon.