Spaces API news at Mix, says CNET

Mix07 starts on Sunday, and with a Ray Ozzie keynote, and lots more Windows Live news, some kind of understanding of what’s coming in Windows Live Wave 2 should begin to emerge.

Some of this news is starting to filter out already, and CNET posted today on some news about Spaces APIs, saying that Microsoft “plans to detail more generous business terms for partners to use its Live online services and to open up new application programming interfaces for Windows Live Spaces.”  According to CNET: 

The company will allow outside developers–which can be at commercial enterprises–to build mash-up applications that generate up to one million unique user visits at their sites per month for free. Beyond that, Microsoft will charge 25 cents per user per year or look to establish a business relationship where it can deliver online ads to those sites, company executives said.

In addition, Microsoft will provide APIs to photos or contact information for its Windows Live Spaces users if they give permission. Windows Live Spaces is Microsoft’s social networking site where people can post blogs, share photos and other information.

In addition, it looks as though there will be some API news forthcoming about Messenger.  CNET describes a new set of features being introduced by, where users there can send messages, using Messenger, without giving away contact information, using previously unreleased Messenger APIs.  According to John Richards, director of product management for Microsoft’s Windows Live Platform, “Microsoft will offer the ability to let other sites integrate presence information through Windows Live Messenger within 90 days”