New Windows Live Writer Screenshot

You might remember that back at the start of March, Nathan Weinberg put a post up showing off the current internal build of Windows Live Writer. Well, since then, there was been nothing new that has been shown by anyone, until now. The Austrian MSDN blog has just posted a post on Live Writer development resources (including my own plugin template for Visual Studio), but they have shown a screenshot of them writing that post, which uses a newer version of Writer than we have previously seen:

So from this screenshot we can see that they have done away with the option to hide the menu bar (like you can do with Windows Live Mail desktop), moved around the weblog management, it’s no long a drop down menu on the top right (as with previous builds), but next to the Tools button, and they have also added in a much needed link to easily add more plugins. It also looks like they have done away with the flair and Windows Live Search box they had.

As with the previous screenshots we had seen, the new build of Live Writer is looking very promising and will make what is already a great blogging tool even better.