One of the most amazing things about working on LiveSide is the realization of how international we are.  We’ve been watching the numbers and the interest in our Folders posts, among others, and the hits coming in from China, from Italy, from the Netherlands, and places all over the map is really eye-opening.

It’s why we agreed to help out our friends start, an independent project that features LiveSide content translated to Chinese, as well as independent stories and news from other sources.  Like a lot of incubation projects, they had a few problems with their web hosting, and went down for a few days.  Always difficult to find that balance between cost and stability.

Well they’re back up now, using, our web hosting service (there’s a link at the bottom of this page if you’re looking for good web hosting).  We wish Picturepan2 and his team good luck, they’re doing a great job.

LiveSino’s return announcement (in Chinese)

Our original announcement of (in English and Chinese)